Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Super Villain

Your results:
You are Apocalypse

Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Dark Phoenix
The Joker
Green Goblin
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.

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So Chris found the counterpart to the superhero quiz! Bummer. Apocalypse is a mean dude. The question is... How could I be that much Superman and that much Apocalypse? They are kind of the antithesis of each other. Hmmmmm.... I guess I have a really clean cut side and a really evil power hungry side.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dark Knight

The new face of Joker! Heath Ledger has been cast as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie to star opposite Christian Bale. This is the first image to show up on the web of the villain. This shows how much darker this take is going to be of said Joker! Yikes. I was a huge fan of Jack Nicholson's performance in the 1989 original Batman film. It will be hard to top. I have very much enjoyed the new direction of the Batman franchise, I hope they continue to impress.

It appears that the Joker will take on a more true to his comic roots psychotic personality, not just a criminal minded, facially deformed villain. I am excited to see this new movie. I hope to maybe even get to work on it! That is very far out in the future and since it is being filmed in London... I doubt the post-production will be done in LA. Seeing I have no plans on going to London.... I doubt I will... It would be fun though!

Friday, May 11, 2007

To the Superman Critics

Oh how often we speak because we don't know any better.

I recently commented on a friends blog and recieved an interesting response to my comment. The argument had been made that Superman was a boring character that all he did was swoop down and save people from falling buildings and that he was too invincible to relate to. First off let me say, this desire in today's society for flawed heroes is disturbing. "Superman isn't dark enough" for people to relate to. He has to have a dark past for people to like him believe in him. Well for me as a Christian I must say I believe in Christ because of his perfection and can look to him for salvation because of his pureness. Not that I see Superman as a Christ like example but more as the potential I want to achieve. Being tempted yet able to resist, being able to use my power (choices) always for good. I dont' want to be flawed myself, why would I want my hero to be? Ok, the preachy-ness is over! Now for the geek factor.
To those of you who want a more complex Superman, you would like Justice League Unlimited. It deals with the idea that Superman and the Justice League are dangerous in their power and the government forms Cadmus to come up with a defense to the Justice League. When Lex Luther becomes president he does everything he can to frame, enrage, and manipulate, Superman into retaliation. In his blind anger he fights Captain Marvel, (a superhero of the power of superman) and in that battle of anger and jealousy, Superman levels a city. At one point he has Lex Luthor in his hands and with eyes flaming red with anger and lethal heat vision, he tells Luthor that will not be that man... he will be Superman! He chooses to be good. But the struggle depicted leading up to that is awesome. His battle with to what lengths should one go to serve the right!

As to Superman being invincible he most certainly is not. He was battered, beaten down and nearly defeated by Darkseid, but when he unlocked his pent up inner rage and reservation, which he always held back in fear of killing an enemy because it wasn't his place to kill, he was able defeated Darkseid. Superman was in fact killed by Doomsday and then again later by Gog. Both times he was later resurrected but he was defeated non the less. In his battle with Doomsday, which lasted three or so issues, Superman heroically sacrifices himself as he and Doomsday land simulatious fatal blows on each other. Both were resurrected and in a later battle Superman defeats Doomsday again and gives a cool revelation into his character and feelings:

"You're different now. You can think for yourself. So think about this. Before, you were a mindless thing. Nothing could hurt you. You couldn't feel pain, much less understand it. But once you have felt it -- it changes you -- forever. And you'll begin to understand something new. Fear. I've lived with it all my life. You don't want to die again, do you? The agony of what's happened to you affects your speed -- your strength ... and that little bit of doubt -- that you cannot win today -- grows. You understand now, don't you? You will never hurt me again. You will never kill me again. Never again!"

Superman also has struggle with love, wanting to truly belong to earth, and his heritage. He is not merely a man who swoops in and saves everyone. If it is cliche and lame to want my hero to be iconic, heroic, noble, and good... then so be it. But one thing you can not say is that Superman is not an interesting hero. Even if you don't buy into him... he is most definitely not simple.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

I thought these were funny and yet lame!!! They are making assumptions that the Spidey and X-men films were great just because they did well in the box office. (like that is a reason to brag! HA) Called me old school but DC will bounce back. And yet they couldn't touch Batman because he more popular than spidey (be that my opinion). They make fun of the Justice League movie notion... but I say to all you Justice League nay sayers...

When they do (and they will) make a Justice League movie, it will be the ULTIMATE comic movie ever! Don't believe me... watch Justice League Unlimited (the cartoon) and see the potential!!!!


Check out the other "Hi, I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC. (Mac PC Parody)" #2, 3, and 4. Lower than low budget but still comical. What?... I know what I just said!... If you can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at! I still think DC is cool.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Which Superhero are you!

Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

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I have been watching a lot of Warner Bro/DC Comics cartoons and am on this weird superhero fix. I guess part of it is my excitement as it is looking more and more like I will get to work on the next "Hulk" film. I have always loved comics... especially DC characters. Superman will always be my hero but the cool thing about comics and superheros is there is a little of each hero (and probably a pinch of a few villains) in me!