The Studio List

This is a list of some sites I found interesting in the industries of Visual Effects, Animation, Games and Graphics. Some are very highend Feature FX sites others are not as highend but exhibit some cool projects that either I was interested by or felt that others trying to break into the industry might find interesting. This list truly illustrates there is more work out there than just Digital Domain, ILM, Pixar, Sony, and Dream Works.

Smaller studios don't hire as often so keep your eyes on them and be ready to pounce on that job posting as soon as it hits the web. Also don't let yourself get sucked up into the notion that the big studios are better. In industry it is not as stratified as you would think. It's all experience.  So if you feel that you really want to be at the big studios but can't get a look... try to get a job at a smaller studio and try again after a project or two (not that it is easier to get a job at a small house, just don't limit your options).

The main difference from a big studio to a small studio is that at a big studio you do one very specific thing... at a small studio typically you have a much farther reaching spread in the way of tasks and responsibilities.  It is really about who you know first and what experience do you have more so than talent(not meaning you don't need it), although talent is what will get you the job when you have little or no professional experience.  So good luck in your job search.

L.A. Based Studios

Sony Imageworks
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Disney Animaton
Dream Works
Blizzard (awesome cinematics, some of the best pay in industry)
E.A. Games (games obviously)

Gray Matter FX
Blur Studio 
Asylum Not much of a site but good reputation
X1 FX (feature, commercials, music videos) cool stuff
Sprite Animation Studio
Look! Effects
A52 Studio (commercial work)
Brain Zoo Studios (video game cut sequences)
Method Studios(mostly commercial work)
Hyperion Pictures
Gentle Giant Studios (modeling)
Sway Studios
Phenom Blue (2D 3D Interactive Development)
Furiuos FX (feature)
Tiger Hare Studios (Title work, cinematics, character design)
Motion Theory 
Imaginary Forces (commercial & feature) also in New York
Stardust (commercials) also in New York
Exodus Film Group (original content Feature animation)
Semologic (game cinematics, tv, and film) LA and Korea
Screaming Death Monkey (tv, commercial, film)
Mac Guff (commercials) very cool!
Numb Robot (commercials)
Sol Design FX (commercials) also in Chicago
Branit VFX (commercials) also in Kansas City
Proof (previz)
Pixel Liberation Front (previz, vfx)
REZN8 (tv)

Bay Area Based Studios

Pixar Animation Studios
Industrial Light & Magic
Lucas Films Animation
Lucas Arts (games)
Animation SKG
PDI (Dreamworks in L.A.)

Matte World Digital
Tippett Studio 
R a d i u m (tv & commercial work)
Wild Brain (tv & commercial work)
Maverix Studios (preproduction)
Critter Pix Studios (feature 3D animation)
Halon previz  (also in LA)
Massive Black (gaming content)

Utah Studios

Sandman Studios
Daz models

New York Studios

Blue Sky Animation Studios
Million of Tiny Robots (commercial & TV)
Guava  (commercial and some feature)
Mass Market  (commercial)
Tronic Studios (commercial and design)
Suspect (commercials)
Spontaneous (commercial, design, vfx)
UV Phactory  (Design & Commercial Work)
Shilo Design New York & Del Mar CA (commercial 3d and design)
Digital Kitchen New York, Seatle, Chicago (commercials)

Misc Domestic Studios 

DNA Texas (Jimmy Neutron guys)
Island Fever Texas (commercial work)
MAKE Minnesota (Title work & commercials)
Reject Barn Connecticut (Design & Animation)
Project Firefly Animation
CAAT Studios Hollywood (traditional animation studio)
Cause & Fx Studio Honolulu Hawaii
Don Bluth Studios Arizona (no longer opperating studio site still cool in a historical way)
Black Pool Studios Washington (cool work)
Kleiser-Walczak Studios Hollywood and Massachusetts
Reel FX Dallas, TX
Laffey (commercials) St. Louis Missouri
Pendulum Studios (gaming cinematics, tv vfx, commercials)

Canadian Based Studios

Rainmaker Digital Pictures (very cool boutique, lots of feature work)
C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
The Embassy Visual Effects

Frantic Films
Lost Boys Studios
Neezo Studios (commercial work)

English Based Studios

Double Negative visual effects
Picture Company

Framestore CFC Visual
Effects and Animation Studio
Also in New York
Aardman Studios (stop motion)
Animagix (traditional)
The Mill (mostly commercial, some cool stuff) London, New York, and LA studios

New Zealand and Australia

Weta Digital - Weta Digital
Animal Logic
Rising Sun Pictures

Misc Foreign Studios

BUF France
Cartoon Saloon Ireland (traditional)
Camera VFX (Bulgaria)