Friday, September 24, 2010

The all powerful GPU

GPU computing is revolutionizing computing, especially for the world of visual effects. It is putting more power in the hands of the artist and allowing for breath taking simulations that previously would have been financially inconceivable. Check out how the power of the GPU was harnessed at ILM for "Harry Potter" and "The Last Airbender."

Bollywood BlockBuster?

Is this the dawn of the summer blockbuster for Bollywood?

As more and more Hollywood companies out source to India and other Pacific region countries, it was only a matter of time before the "Blockbuster" found its home in the rapidly expanding "Bollywood" film industry.

The film "Enthiran" or "Robot" is the biggest budget film in Indian film making history. While the actors and production crews are predominately from the Indian film industry, many big name Hollywood players have been enlisted to help bring this project to the silver screen. Stan Winston Studios, known for their work on "The Terminator," "Aliens," "Jurassic Park," "Iron Man," and "Avatar" to name a few, brought their craft to this film designing the awesome animatronics and visual effects for the film. Additional big Hollywood companies lend a hand to the visuals including, ILM, Tippet Studios, and Cafe EFX.

Big names like Mary E Vogt for costume design and Yuen Woo Ping for laying out the complex stunt work add to the list of elite Hollywood talent.

It is very exciting to see the expansion of mega budget movies to other film making industries. Hopefully it will inject new life into the decline American visual effects industry. Only time will tell.