Monday, May 16, 2011

BYU's animation Program

I graduated from BYU's animation program some years ago. And while the work that came out of that program in the years that followed my departure from the university was good, it wasn't spectacular. Like almost all student films, a bit of the stitching was always showing. Despite this fact, the program has had amazing success with every senior film garnering a student emmy.

Recently, my old faculty mentor sent me a stack of dvds of the various films that BYU has completed in recent years. I watched them in order looking to see the progression of the program. Each film had it's strengths and weakness, but as I said before, lots of "seams." Then I reached "Dream Giver." The film was astonishing. It was cg/2d hybrid short that was expertly crafted. I would have never guessed it was student film. Everything about it felt professional. It was incredibly inspirational. It made me want to go back to school to be able to make something just for the enjoyment and art of it. I tip my hat to the students and faculty responsible for "Dream Giver."