Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do you ever lose your cool in public?!

This is how I feel some days, ON THE INSIDE! Wow!!!!! I think I have been to this very hotel. I think it is the Radison on Centinella in Culver City. Watch the whole thing! Trust me it is worth it. It is obviously fake... his sound is always perfect when every one else is hard to hear, he is wearing a mic, but it is still funny. However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, get help!

and watch out for balloons!

I think that balloons get out of control too!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Celebrity Treatment!

Paris Hilton is free! Sort of. Her sentence was changed to house arrest due to medical reasons. I want to know what others feel about this. Apparently according to the women in the cells on either side of her they had to talk to her much of the night because her crying was keeping them up. She will now serve out here 45 day sentence at home.

Why do celebrities get such different treatment? If it had been a someone of lesser upbringing they would have thrown the book at him. A man that worked for my dad for several years was put in San Quentin, a California maximum security federal penitentiary, for hitting a parked car on his bike while drunk. Granted he had previous offenses, but he was on a bike. For his crime he was in prison for over a year. Paris was driving a several ton weapon!

Why does Paris deserve to sit at home and, according to the radio, have a message therapist flown in from Hawaii, a superstar facial from some famous somebody I've never heard of, tanning machines brought in for a "Hollywood mystique tan", and other luxuries. A woman on the radio said she would rather the heiress to serve her sentence at home and not use tax payers dollars for her sentence. I see that point, however be it a weak argument.

And yet, when we let "Hollywood Royalty" serve PUNISHMENT in a elegant resort style setting... where is the punishment? Isn't jail supposed to not be desirable for a reason? I was under the assumption the penalty needs to be an equal opposite to the crime to dissuade people from committing it?! I mean, think what would happen if everyone got the opportunity to serve out their sentence hanging out at home... or at a resort! Crime rates would go through the roof.

The double standard in our system of justice is sickening and seems to be ever worsening. What's next Phil Specter will get sentenced to fifty years in the Bahamas in his murder trial!?

What say you?